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Early (18th century – early 19th century) trade country questionnaires.

Here is an update on the early (18th century – early 19th century) trade country questionnaires.

We are now up to a 24-country coverage. I have given up Switzerland as a lost cause, and could not find someone yet for the Venice and the Papal States.

The following ones have been done and sent :

Belgique Ann Coenen
Milan Giovanna Tonelli
Navigocorpus Silvia Marzagali
Portugal Cristina Moreira
UK David Jacks

And I am still waiting for the final version of the following ones :

Allemagne – États territoriaux Béatrice Dedinger
Autriche Klemens Kaps
Ecosse Robinsson
Espagne Javier Cuenca
France Loïc Charles et Guillaume Daudin
Gênes Piccinno, Luisa
Hollande Werner Scheltjens
Ireland Patrick Walsh
Naples Daniella Ciccolella
Norvège Ragnhild Hutchison
Ottoman Empire Mehmet Bulut
Pologne Szymon Kazusek
Allemagne – Ports (Hambourg, etc.) Klaus Weber
Russie Werner Scheltjens
South America Alejandra Irigoin
Suède Anders Ögren
Sund Werner Scheltjens
US Javier Cuenca
Toscane Mathieu Grenet