November 6th 2015 meeting

Attending : Cyril Canet, Loïc Charles, Guillaume Daudin, Béatrice Dedinger, Pierre Gervais, Guillaume Plique,  Grégory Tible

1. Ricardo
The abstract of the paper on design choices has been submitted to the Digital Humanities 2016 conference.
The methodological paper has been submitted to « Historical Methods»
The database and the documentation will be finished before the end of Gregory’s internship.

2. Neo4J
Guillaume Plique présents a new interface for managing the classifications.
A 3-day sprint will take place on Novembre 16th to 18th to kick-start the work on the data exploration module.

4. Classification of goods
Pierre Gervais progresses in the orthographic normalization. In the end, he estimates that between 5 and 10 % of the terms will still not be identified. However, that will be a much smaller part of the database.
He plans to finish on november 20th (computer issues have since made that impossible).
We discuss the simplification.

5. Retranscriptions
– No progress from Thasectra, which should still do imports in Marseilles
– For the rest, the situation in the same as in September.
– Gabriel and Torsten will each do one year in Nantes.
– We need to find a way to retranscribe some more data

6. Verifications
– Loïc is working on Bordeaux
– Guillaume Daudin will do Jérémy’s 1789 (National per direction) and 1792.
We still need to do Marseille, the colonies, the Eden treaty and the 1789 done by Anthony Rebours.

7. New data
We will ask Lyon again. Loïc is going to Dunkerque. We need someone for a picture in Bayonne : Paul has a suggestion (Pierre).

8. Cyril Canet
We discuss with Cyril Canet what he can do for the project during his stay in South Africa.

9. Werner Scheltjens
Werner will be invited in Dauphine in March 2016. At that point we will treat the issue of quantities.

10. Meeting schedule
TOFLIT Sprint  : November 16th-18th
Monthly TOFLIT meetings : December 11th and January 8th (9.30 each time)
« Full » TOFLIT meeting : January 29th.
Chicago TOFLIT meeting : June 2016