April 2nd 2015 meeting


Attending: Loïc Charles, Guillaume Daudin, Béatrice Dedinger, Paul Girard, Pierre Hollegien and Guillaume Plique.

1-Team Management

IT department

We need to discuss Guillaume Plique’s vacations and their allocation between the projects he will work on.

Matteo will not join the Medialab. However Benoît Verjat (more about him here) will join the Medialab in June and could work on the Ricardo project.

Budget issues

The programmed budget meeting is postponed to May (between Béatrice, Paul and Marie-Laure).

Post doc

Frederico d’Onofrio has confirmed he will come to learn Stata with us.



A new way to update de Access database needs to be found as we have no funding anymore for Karine. Béatrice could replace her to ease the process.

The methodology article has advanced.

The answer for the SciencesPo SAB funding is due for May.

Finally, Paul did not have time to modify the points raised last meeting on graphs visualization.


The software library “Daff” will now be used to compare tables inside Git. We still need to be careful as “Daff” can get confused when too many changes occur (lines order, values, etc…).

Paul is finalizing the script to move from the general database to the specific ones. Specific sources not in the general database are being standardized. The script to move back and forth between general and specific database should be finalized during the next month.


Pierre has finished working on “intermediates commodities”. We have treated 27,414 unique orthographic variations to reduce them to 12,606 «standardized» commodity names.

Loïc and Guillaume will check the file and work on “normalized commodities”. New data should be added as well.

Questions have come up on the treatment of the dictionary of goods. Some definitions are currently included directly in the remarks column of transcription, some others are in the «marchandises classifiés» file. It would be great if we could find a definition for all «normalized» commodities and add a link to it. This has to be discussed in the data model by Guillaume Plique.


Thasectra has promised the data on Bayonne and Marseille for end of June. Ahmed has already finished data entry for the year 1730 in Marseille.

Laura and Ahmed are now checking data from Rennes, Rouen and Caen (1749, 1751). They should be ready at the end of this month.

We still need to find interns ready to work on missing years as Laura will leave soon.

Loïc has found at the BNF data on trade with Austrian Flanders, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland and Geneva for the year 1749.

Loïc also found some interesting documents on taxation system for each region and duties evolution.

Next meeting is scheduled at 10 am, at the Médialab on Mai 7th. We will discuss functionalities needed by economists.