November 21st meeting

Attending : Alexandre Aubourg, Loïc Charles, Guillaume Daudin, Béatrice Dedinger, Paul Girard and Guillaume Plique

1) Ricardo publication : Discussion about the coming meeting with Paul-André Rosental

Carole Gauthier will be there. We will discuss the following points about the Ricardo website :
– Hosting
– License
– Long-term preservation
– Editorial content (Paul suggests a way to do it through Google Doc)
– Financing

2) More Ricardo

We discuss the latest state of Ricardo. Paul and Béatrice have conducted a new round of corrections.
There are still issues with the database being too slow.
The availability of the data outside visualisation is still a subject.
We find a solution for isolated missing values (missing year : no point in the graph, true zeros : a normal point, isolated missing values : treated as a zero, but with a different point).
Béatrice will closely check twenty cases to see if that is reasonable.

3) Special issue of the Revue de l’OFCE
Things are progressing well for a February 2015 publication

4) December 18th meeting
This will be a middle-size meeting centered on the treatment of the names of goods. We would like to discuss concrete solutions on how they should be treated in the datascape

From 10 to 12am, Paul and Guillaume Plique will present their understanding of what has been done till now, the issues and the tools the datascape could offer. The aim is to give to everybody a common understanding of the concepts that will be used in the afternoon.
From 1.30pm to 4.30 pm we will brainstorm on everything we want to do with the designation of goods (inside each research direction) and how to do it.

The aim of the day is to have a concrete idea of the directions that part of the datascape will have to take to be an useful tool for everybody (and maybe a model for future work).

5) Transcription
La Rochelle has been checked and we are ready to put it in the database.
Demba is working on Marseilles and Laura on Montpellier
Thesectra is doing the rest.
We have a real issue for 1789 and we are not sure how to proceed. The treatment is very difficult. Maybe SMSI is the only solutions to treat it.