Datascape update (August 2020)

Thanks to the funding provided by DIAL we were able to hire the great developers at OuestWare to update the datascape. We are very excited by the changes they made and we urge you to go and check them out !

The two main improvements are optimization and permalinks. And you can still use regular expressions. More details below the line.

The main two improvement are :

– A lot of optimization of the code that dramatically reduces the response time

– The introduction of «permalinks». Each vizualization can be referenced with a permalink. The permalink is updated in the URL bar of your web browser seamlessly while using the datascape. All the filters choices made are stored in the permalink so that you can share the precise figure you have built. We tried to make permalinks human readable. That was not possible for vizualizations that embed many choices (Time Serie notably). If you want to learn more on the different parameters used for each vizualization, see the query settings in each route in the source code.

And you can still…

– Enhance your searches in partner or product list by using Regular Expressions. To learn how to use this query system please read the JavaScript Regexp specification and or play with the Regexp 101 tool with the ECMAScript (JavaScript) flavor.



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