Task 4: Going public

Aim: release the integrated database to the public

In charge: Béatrice Dedinger

Deliverable:    Integrated public datascape in the first semester of 2017

Result conference in the second semester of 2017

Long-term storage ready database at the end of 2017

We want to create a public datascape that will be a simplified version of the private one and will not include intellectual property from other projects. That should be done during the first semester of 2017. This public datascape will enable academic and a larger public to have access to visualization of significant aspects of the project and enable researchers to use the data and tools developed by the TOFLIT18 team.

To increase the publicity, we will also organize a “result” conference in the second semester of 2017, along with the publication of a book presenting the data. Most of the scientific production of the project, however, is destined to publication in peer-reviewed publications

Finally, we will prepare delivery to a long-term archive institution (e.g. TGE Adonis).

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