Task 1 : Collecting the data

Aim: Build up a national and regional database of French trade, from 1716 to 1821

In charge: Loïc Charles

Deliverables: Exploration of the archives and gathering of digital copies of all the documents: end of 2014 / End of transcription: mid2015

The constitution of the French database will include three sub-tasks.

Loïc Charles and Guillaume Daudin have collected and copied documents from some archives with independent funding. With adequate funding, this task may be done by mid-2014.

The transcription will begin in parallel with the above sub-task and with adequate funding, we plan to complete it and have a cleansed Excel file by mid-2015.

Loïc Charles will be assisted by a hired staff working at INED. The latter’s job will be to the sub-contractors through O’Desk and their output, that includes reading the transcripts of the original documents made on Excel, correcting them and import Excel files in the database software we will use.

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