Ellen M. Nye

We welcome the use of the TOFIT18 data by Ellen M. Nye.

She is a first-year history PhD student studying Ottoman and British economic history at Yale University under the supervision of Steve Pincus and Alan Mikhail. She is eager to learn about the broader trends in the French economy TOFLIT18  will expose.

She is going to use the Franco-Ottoman trade from 1785-1821 to work on a paper seminar paper on cotton textile trade and production in the Ottoman market during the Napoleonic wars. For this project, she am comparing trade statistics to indicators of Ottoman cotton textile production. For French trade, she is currently relaying on Alexandre Chabert’s Essai sur les mouvements des prix et des revenus en France de 1798 à 1820, which provides information on the total volume of Franco-Ottoman trade but does not provide information on the trade broken down by commodity or volume. TOFLIT  would provide much more granular information.


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