October 8th 2015 meeting

Octobre 8th 2015 meeting
Attending: Loïc Charles, Guillaume Daudin, Pierre Gervais, Guillaume Plique, Donato Ricci, Gregory Tible

1. Neo4J
Import and export procedure for the data has been done, except for measurement units and outsiders (i.e. merchandizes which are not in the French data source)
We discuss how to treat these outsiders. They will have a direct link with sources, but not with flows.
We discuss notes in classifications. No formal structure. In all cases, only one note field per classification.
GP presents the first version of the classification browsing interface.
We discuss how to treat the glossary.

We decide on the next features.

2. Ricardo
A new version of Ricardo is presented (shortly before Béatrice does the same in Berlin), and some tweaks to the interface are suggested.

3. Classification of goods
Pierre Gervais has treated between 1500 and 2000 lignes in a fortnight. He just finished « étoffes».
He believes he could finish the treatment of the current (33,000 lines long) list November 15th.
This will not include any new good introduced since June 2015 (at least 3000 of them). If anyone wants to study a specific sector before then (e.g. grains), he should :
– Ask Pierre Gervais to treat it in the 33,000
– Do a «sister» classification treating the extra data just for that
– This work will never be integrated in « Pierre’s classification

4. Digital Humanities 2016
A paper will be presented at the Digital Humanitiest 2016 conference, despite the fact it will be submitted at this point.

5. Retranscriptions
– No progress from Thasectra, which should still do imports in Marseilles
– For the rest, the situation in the same as in September.

6. Verifications

– Bayonne is done. The most difficult was doing Nantes and Rennes, because of the lack of totals.

– To be done : 1792, Marseille, Eden treaty data, 1789, Colones and Bordeaux.

We discuss the specific issue of Bordeaux. Taxes are mentioned. We decide to add columns for their measurement units, their the volume it applies to, the unit taxe and the total tax (4 ones)
Traité d’Eden

7. New Data
No news from Lyon and Dunkerque
1 page is missing each in Rouen, Bayonne, and Nantes. Maybe we should send an intern to take the pictures and do a bit of retranscription.

The next meeting is November 6th at 0930 at the Médialab.

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