September 10th 2015 meeting

Attending : Loïc Charles, Guillaume Daudin, Béatrice Dedinger, Pierre Gervais, Guillaume Plique, Gregory Tible

1. Ricardo
The Ricardo team is nearly at the bug squashing phase.

2. Team
Grégory Tible has been hired as an intern to work on Ricardo till the end of december. He will also give a hand to Guillaume Plique on the Toflit18 project
Donato Ricci will give a hand as a designer.

3. Budget
Everything seems fine. We are under-using the budget.
A partial explanation is that we will not have to pay for the server.
Still, the workshop in Chicago (one of the first three weeks of June 2016) might use up a lot of mission money.
A designer might come in handy latter too.

4. Neo4J
Work is continuing on the back-end of the datascape, written in Neo4J
A basic import procedure of the existing csv data has been put in place.
Programmation currently putting in place a robust agregation/disagregation procedure to include new sources and classifications in csv format, do a number on automatic checks and corrections (using the former stata .do as a base) and then re-export them for, among other things, versioning (as .csv).
There are still some bugs in this procedure.

Guillaume Plique is also making progress on the interface. There are two directions in that work :
– The aim of the first one is to ease the work on classifications
– The aim of the second one is to ease data exploration, which is the basic aim of the datascape

5. Classification of goods
Pierre Gervais and Loïc Charles have converged toward a set of formal rules to do the orthographic normalization of the name of goods (step 1) and the simplification of the name of goods (step 2).
Pierre Gervais presents the rules and we discuss them. The group approves them (see link).
Pierre Gervais commits to finishing the treatment on November 10th

6. Retranscriptions

Thasectra has finished Marseilles’s exports. Imports are still to be done : that will be their last task

Summing up on local sources :
Bayonne, La Rochelle, Rouen/Caen have been fully retranscribed. A selection of years have been retranscribed for Bordeaux, Marseille, Nantes and Rennes.
For Nantes, a number of years are missing : 1730, 1732, 1735, 1738, 1740 et 1745. They were not retranscribed by Thasectra and someone should do it.

Cyril Mouton has retranscribed trade of the colonies for 1789 and 1787 (and 1788 ?) this summer + the data on the Eden treaty.

Cyril Mouton and Esther Benbassat have also done 1792.

A number of 1789 directions are still missing, even though Loïc did some this summer. Some others (especially Nantes, Bordeaux and Marseilles) must be put in the right format.

7. Verifications

Done this summer : Nantes (exports and imports), Bayonne (imports) Marseille (1730s), Rouen/Caen + Rennes
Planned before mid-october : Bayonne (exports), Bordeaux (import) + another one in the list below — a priori Marseille (exports)

Still to be done :  Marseille (export and imports, other years), colonies (1787 to 1789), 1789 (for the directions we have), Bordeaux (exports), Eden treaty data, 1792

8. New data

No news from the archive people at Lyon despite two messages in spring. We will try again.

To do (one day) : go back quickly to Rouen and Nantes : a page is missing in each place.
Check Dunkerque to see if they have something.

9. Next meeting

9h30 on 8 /10/15

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