Guillaume Daudin (project coordinator)

Guillaume Daudin is an active researcher who has published in the top-field journal in Economic History and in good journals in Economics and History. This guarantees his commitment to quality scientific output.

He has shown his commitment to pluri-disciplinary research. Despite being a professor in Economics, he has a long history of exchanging with historians (e.g. in the seminar headed at various times by Dominique Margairaz, Philippe Minard and Pierre Gervais or in the MARPROF project). He has written papers in history (e.g. Charles and Daudin 2011 or Guillaume Daudin 2010), international trade economics (e.g. Guillaume Daudin, Rifflart, and Schweisguth 2011). This experience gives him the tools to exchange with both communities. He will ensure both that the historians validate data that are useful to economists and that the economists work keeping in mind the historical limitation of the data.

More specifically, he has often worked with large trade databases, historical or not. With Elizaveta Archanskaïa, he has worked with product specific (4-digit) UN trade data from 1962 to now (Archanskaïa and Daudin 2012). He also worked for a while alongside Marc Flandreau and Béatrice Dedinger on the RICardo database of world trade from the 1830s to nowadays and on MARPROF. Along with Loïc Charles, he has initiated in 2010 a researcher network implicating many of the scholars who are now involved in the ANR (18th century trade network: ( This network has given him the opportunity to start a fruitful collaboration and to make the personal acquaintance of moste of the researchers involved in this project.

His collaboration with Loïc Charles on the collection of French data has started in 2009 and forms the backbone of this project. Even though he will be the formal coordinator of the project, they will continue working together to ensure its success.


Guillaume Daudin – 39 year old

Personal history

Since 2012 Université Paris-Dauphine, LEDa/DIAL : Full Professor in Economics

Since 2008 Sciences-Po, Centre de Recherche en Économie (OFCE) : Associate Researcher

2008-2012 Université Lille-I, EQUIPPE: Full Professor in Economics

Main publications (total number of publications in refereed international journals: 14)

«Who produce for Whom in the World Economy?», with Christine Rifflart and Danièle Schweisguth, Canadian Journal of Economics, forthcoming 2011

La collecte du chiffre au xviiie siècle : Le Bureau de la Balance du Commerce et la production des données sur le commerce extérieur de la France», avec Loïc Charles, Revue d’Histoire Moderne et Contemporaine, vol. 58, n°1, p. 128-155, 2011.

«Quantitative methods and Economic History», in Dove va la storia economica? Metodi e prospettive. Secc. XIII-XVIII. • Where is Economic History going? Methods and Prospects from the 13th to the 18th Centuries. (Où va l’Histoire Économique? Méthodes et perspectives XIIIe-XVIIIe siécles), Acts of the XLII study week Settimana Datini 2011

Domestic Trade and Market Size in Late 18th century France”, Journal of Economic History vol. 63, n°3 , 2010

«Ordre et désordres dans l’échange international : une revue de littérature», with Jean-Luc Gaffard et Francesco Saraceno, Revue de l’OFCE: Observations et diagnostics économiques, Janvier, n°100, 2007


1996-2001 Université Paris-I / London School of Economics PhD in economics


2003 Finalist at the thesis prize of the European Historical Economics Society

2001 Thesis prize of the Association Française de Science Économique

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