May 22nd internal meeting

Present: LoÏc Charles, Guillaume Daudin, Béatrice Dedinger, Paul Girard, Demba Konate, Laura Moutou

1) RICARDO : presentation of the work by Paul, Béatrice and Matteo Azzi
It uses opensource code (deposited at github). Licence OpenSource (interdit d’inclure le code dans une application dont le code est fermé)

3 tools
– Database creation : from Access to SQL Lite (MDBTools did help — a number of data correction were made as well)
But Access has been kept as the reference database.
– Client : web interface in HTML 5, using Java D3JS by Matteo Azzi
This interface can be scripted, but one has to understand the API language (and OpenRefine should help)
– API : links between the client and the database

We have left aside for the time being the time-dependant colonial dependencies : we will need more funding for that.

We hope this work will be useable for TOFLIT18 afterward — still we will need one month of designer’s work.

2)  We discussed the TOFLIT planning and how to organize Guillaume Plique’s contract. We will move him from eight to seven months, and have him start latter, till early 2016.

3) Online storage of the data
We will try LiveDrive
Nakala from Humanum is not adapted at all to what we are trying to do.

4) Call for tender for transcription
Everything is done. SMSI (national data) should be ready in mid-july. TASECRA (regional data) in two batches : one in mid-september, one in mid-december

5) Laura and Demba introduce themselves

6) We have to obtain « Etats de dépenses » from our administrations

7) Next meeting : July 3rd at 10. All are welcome !

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