May 24th meeting

Thanks to Alexandre Aubourg who prepared the first version of this report on the May 24th meeting.


Present : Alexandre Aubourg, Bertrand Blancheton, Loïc Charles, Guillaume Daudin, Béatrice Dedinger, Pierre Gervais, Demba Konate, Ivan Ledezma, Yannick Le Pen, Silvia Marzagalli, Laura Moutou, Pierrick Pourchasse.

1) Some issues related to the German and Italian sources :

  • The contrast between German and Italian sources is striking. We have found many specialists for Italian sources. We could ask Biagio Salvemini ? Maria Furaso ? If we need more.
  • Regarding the German sources, we do not know who should be contacted. Maybe is it the case that little German sources survive ? There is no secondary sources before 1830s and the existence of primary sources is called into question. Werner has worked on Stettin and many documents are not available. Loïc will ask Christiane Lebeau. Regarding the Prussian case, Pierrick underlined that sources for merchandise per port coming from the Danish consuls should be available.

2) OFCE review and questionnaires :

  • We are thinking about a general description of the sources, a lexicon and a presentation of the data (eg the flag issue).
  • During the OFCE meeting, we noticed a discrepancy between quantities and values (but the questions came mainly from economists).
  • The questionnaires should be standardized and some points have to be made explicit.
  • A few pages on the difficulty to handle different sources could be written.

3) Transcription of the data

  • The national data will be retranscribed by SMSI by the end of the summer, while the transcription of the regional data will be carried out by Thasectra (a large portion should be ready for the end of the year).
  • Colonial data are mainly located in Aix-en-Provence (used by Tarrade) (a small portion may be found in Paris in the Lavoisier archives, but it is probably not very interesting). We are notably interested in obtaining data that is disaggregated by colony.
  • Discussion on how they computed the « national » price

4) Classification of the data

  • The possibility to incorporate Silvia’s and Pierre’s work (classification in 3 dimensions) was highlighted.
  • We notably have to fix the issues related to the meta-categories and the internal categories.
  • We also discussed the ties with Blancheton’s work on the 18th century and the goals of Huma-num.

4b) Other link with Navigocorpus

  • As soon as 1787 is ready, we will compare it with Navigocorpus’s results

5) Ricardo 1830-1938

  • The project was presented by Beatrice. The main objective is to put the database online and the first version is planned for the last quarter of 2014. The data base is being cleaned up for one year and some issues regarding the country classification were raised.
  • We discussed the wisdom of integrating IT people in our projects, and contrasted Navigocorpus’s choice with TOFLIT’s and RICARDO’s

6) Calendar

  • The importance of the intern workshop planned in november/december 2014 was underlined. A reflexion on the tools, the strategy for interpretation and maybe a special issue should be launched.
  • We also addressed the possibility to set up a European project in the near future.

7) An application for Huma-Num accreditation will be submitted in september

  • We also mentioned the possibility to create a consortium.We may first look for technical solutions in order to enter the data. Then, these ressources will be made available and participatory research will be encouraged. The valuation and the reflexion on the comparison can be done beforehand.
  • Bertrand will see Bourdalé in early June
  • Other projects : Fichoz //
  • We discuss the difficulties of these projects and their long-term viability

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