Meeting 10/04/2014

Present : Loïc Charles, Guillaume Daudin, Paul Girard, Guillaume Plique

1) We still have not found a solution for a shared backed up storage space. We are still looking.

2) OpenRefine confirms it is very useful for the project (see

3) Loïc discusses the data he has found in Rouen. It is a very good quality — and includes some Caen numbers. He suggests we should leave Dardel’s notes and use the existing original data either.

4) We are expecting answers to the “Apple d’offre” on April 22nd

5) Loïc is going to Marseille soon. Only Bayonne and the colonies would be left.

6) Next step for the Médialab: work with the description scheme of the data.

7) Interns: Demba Konaké has already started (and will stay till July 31st). Laura Moutou will work from May 1st to July 31st. Alexandre Aubourg from May 26th to August 31st. We will add their presentations to the website.

8) We discuss how to track expenses regularly (ask for an “état des dépenses engagées / soldées” every three months

9) Next meeting : May 22nd at 9.30am


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